If you, the Yoga Instructor or your studio takes the student reservations:

A 50% non-refundable deposit accompanies this agreement and is due upon booking. A minimum of 15 students (determined by location,) is required to book a retreat with Seeking Santosha Nicaragua (See No 1. under Terms & Conditions). The remaining 50% balance is due 30 days prior to the training. A confirmed rooming list is due 30 days prior to the arrival of your group. A daily schedule and transportation request form is also due 30 days prior to the arrival of your group. If the final number of people that attend and pay for your training is less than the number you booked, you will be liable to pay for the full number of 15 students. 

If Seeking Santosha assists you in taking student reservations:

A 50% non-refundable deposit based on the total number of rooms selected is due immediately with this signed contract in order to hold these dates. A $20 per participant fee will be added for payment processing, handling the reservations and ground transportation details if not included in the retreat package.  A daily itinerary/ schedule is due 30 days prior to the arrival of your group.


Terms and Conditions

We require 50% (per person) payment on booking (non-refundable). A minimum of 15 people is required to book a retreat with Seeking Santosha to receive our discounted rates. However if there are less people, arrangements can be made, but prices and location will vary. If the final number of people that attend and pay for the retreat is less than the number that you booked for, then you will be liable to pay for the full number unless given prior warning, we may be able to accommodate with advanced warning. 

Any specific menu requirements should be requested at least 45 days before the beginning of the retreat.

Whilst it is unlikely that we will have to make changes to bookings, we reserve the right to do so at any time. We will inform you as early as we are able to in the event that this is necessary. In the unlikely event that Seeking Santosha Nicaragua is unable to accommodate your booking due to unforeseen circumstances we will refund 100% of your payment or offer an alternative arrangement. 

We reserve all rights to our images and give you permission to use them for the scheduled training with valid photo credit: Heidi Parker of Seeking Santosha Nicaragua. With your permission we'd like to have your consent to take photographs during your training to assist in joint marketing endeavors and for the mutual benefit of future retreats. 

You release Seeking Santosha for any liabilities and injuries during your training. Make sure your students come with travel insurance. 


Cancellation Policy

If you choose to cancel your training, the deposit that we have received is non-refundable. Payments beyond the initial 50% deposit may be refunded. Because Seeking Santosha does not own the resort, transportation companies or activity providers we are subject to the policies of each provider and each may have its own policy. Once your location and activities have been determined, a fully outlined cancelation policy will be given. We are flexible and want to make the best experience for you but must adhere to other policys given to us. We will always negotiate and act on your behalf. 

In the event that participants choose to cancel their reservation, a full refund will be given to the participant. However, if the participant cancels within 30 days of the retreat date no refund will be given.

Name of Organization *
Name of Organization
Payment Method
Customers have the potion of paying through our PayPal (recommended). Please note that an additional 3% service charge will be added to all Paypal reservations. If Paypal does not work for you, we can provide bank details in Canada or the USA. Please let us know which one you require.
Date of Transfer
Date of Transfer