Join us for 6 nights and 7 amazing days in Nicaragua at a private secluded resort in southern Nicaragua. Just outside of San Juan Del Sur.

Some Activities in Nicaragua:
Yoga | Meditation | Laughter Yoga | Surfing | ZipLine
Explore San Juan Del Sur | Pranayama | Catamaran
Bonfires | Star Gazing | Amazing Vegetarian Food

*Please note that some activities will be at an additional cost*
More d
etails coming soon.


Early Bird Accommodations & Occupancy
(Early Bird Pricing ends Sept 15th)

Price includes ground transport in Nicaragua to and from airport, yoga, workshops and three daily meals. 

*All rooms are double or triple occupancy and will be assigned based on the group* 

There is one couple or close friend option with the Shared Bath - Please Specify if you'd like the 'Couples' room.

Camping Option
Ocean View, Private deck w/mattress 
(single or couple)

Shared Bath - $1,400/person

Private Bath - $1,650/person

Private Bath, Luxury Casita





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Zander Gladish
Co-founder of The Yoga Adventure

Zander Gladish is a long time yogi and surfer.  Born and raised in Northern California he was drawn to nature, the ocean and physical movement from an early age.  He has been teaching yoga, working as a nutritionist and leading retreats from his current home in New York City for over 8 years.

Zander loves to travel, move his body, eat delicious food and share these experiences with like minded individuals.

Will Schneider, RYT
Co-founder of The Yoga Adventure

Born and raised in NE Pennsylvania, Will is a nature and a people lover. His passion to find peace with himself, others and the world as has led him to yoga as a practitioner and a teacher. Teaching yoga in NYC for the last 6 years, Will is thrilled at the opportunity that The Yoga Adventure provides; a getaway from the routine, getting out of your comfort zone, having fun and finding inner peace!! 

Will teaches a Power Vinyasa Yoga class that will often push your perceived mental, physical and emotional boundaries. Practicing in this way gives his students a continually means to discover and live out their infinite potential.

Around NYC and beyond, Will also teaches his No Bullsh*t Mindfulness Workshops
"Let Go of Your Bullsh*t" has been a huge success attracting nearly 300 participates thus far.  LGoYB is a opportunity for people to discover their "Triumphant Self" and provides tools to access and strengthen this self.
"Who Do You Think You Are?"  has recently been added to this series. This workshops guides people to their Core Values and provides tools for continually living through the truth of who they are.

"It does not matter what your specific fate is as long as you face it with ultimate abandon" ~C. Castenada.

We hope you join us.