Rebecca Hagman's Thai Massage Intensive Training Program prepares you to become a registered Thai Massage Therapist. It has been recently approved for Yoga Teachers by Yoga Alliance to maintain the highest standards of yoga education, offering 120 CEU's.

Thai Yoga Massage or Nuad Boran  is called a massage, although it is not a massage at all. It is a 5,000 year old energy-based healing system originally practiced in Ayurvedic medicine.  You lie on a futon, fully clothed while the practitioner stretches your body into assisted yoga poses while using wonderfully intense acupressure, reflexology, rocking, and compression techniques to clear energy blockages, release your tension, reduce stagnation and dis-ease.

It is also known as "lazy man's yoga" for it feels like the yoga is being done to you!  This massage is growing in popularity because of its effectiveness.  Become a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist to work simply as a traditional therapist or combine it with your yoga teaching!  The understanding you gain working with your students' bodies helps you address their mobility issues better and you can be on your way to be a Yoga Therapist!

Do you want to explore Nicaragua and gain your Thai Massage Certification at the same time? On the weekends you will travel through Nicaragua and stay at a different location each week to practice your Thai Massage at a different resort location. This program is unique, no other Thai Massage Training offers such diversity. You will be able to apply what you learned the week before while taking in the culture. Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. It is one of the most seismically active countries in the world due to it's active volcanoes, here you can't escape it's powerful energy. Nicaragua's beautiful beaches, warm lakes, majestic volcanoes, warm Pacific Ocean, lush green jungle and sunshine await you!

Rebecca Hagman's Thai Massage training is available to practicing yoga teachers so you may offer Thai Massage Therapy to your students as a rehabilitative process with a focus on energy medicine. Soon Yoga Alliance will require Yoga Teachers to fulfill credits based on Trauma Training and learning the trauma release techniques, with this program you will be one step ahead. 

Having livied in Nicaragua for the past 6 years makes her the perfect guide as you embark on your journey. Rebecca's experience of many years in psychology and counseling provide a practical application to the yoga philosophy as it relates to our challenge of being on a spiritual journey. This program is designed so you will leave with a solid understanding of Thai Massage.

The benefit of marrying your current yoga practice and Thai Massage will give you a niche in the highly competitive market when job searching. Learning Thai Yoga Massage prepares you for a career as a Thai Massage Therapist.

A bit about Rebecca Hagman

BA, MIM, E-RYT500, RTT, and Certified TRE Facilitator has been dedicated to being of service to others, facilitating their personal development for over 30 years. Working in the addictions field as a licensed counselor, economic development consultant abroad. She currently teaches yoga and practices as a Thai Massage Therapist.

Rebecca started practicing yoga in 2005 and shortly after that began the teacher training because she was elated by the results of her yoga practice on her health issues she was facing. She trained underneath the tutelage of Mary Beth Nehl fromYoga Loft (Willmar, MN) and Beryl Bender Birch for her RYT 200 hours. During her time in MN, she had the honor to attend several yoga workshops with Manju Jois. She completed her RYT500 in Arizona with Dave Oliver’s Authentic Ashtanga Yoga which included over a year study in Vedic Chant and Sanskrit with Cheryl Hall Oliver and Nial Mandall from the School of Practical Philosophy and Meditation. Also, Rebecca began her Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2006-2008 with Tanya Boigenzahn for her 200 hours. Our lineage is Pichest Boonthumme from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Rebecca completed her TRE Certification with David Berceli and a PhD to provide this as an additional modality in her yoga therapy sessions. She currently combines her previous work as a licensed counselor, her studies and experience as an ordained minister in New Thought/Divine Science, and personal studies in yoga psychology and lifestyle to help people attain their optimum Mind-Body-Spiritual health.

Why Training with Rebecca?

Attending this program directly helps spread the practice of yoga to Nicaragua and the training of yoga teachers and other healing arts professionals in Nicaragua. The funds from this program support Seva Centers International. Giving back is part of the yogic lifestyle.



Currently, Rev. Rebecca is the CEO of Seva Centers International, a non-profit organization. “OUR MISSION is to serve the global community by providing healing and teaching centers as a means of improving the health and well-being of the people served, treating dis-ease of body, mind, and spirit and developing the communities’ self-reliance in holistic health care.” The organization offers volunteer opportunities to train professionals in the healing arts as well as Healing Brigades. Your attendance at her workshops/retreats helps support the work of SCI!


The Program

- Practice Thai Massage technique, proper alignment and benefits of each.

- Integrate healthy lifestyle choices that will boost your energy levels.

- Learn teaching methodology and practicum.

- Work with props, different body types and injuries.

- Learn how to safely cue and do hands on adjustments.

- Anatomy and physiology.

- Gain a solid understanding of Energy Anatomy and the Chakras.

- You will learn: supine position, side position, seated position, prone position, inversion therapy (the base for Acro-Yoga) and the use of the pendulum.

- A supervised practicum to be able to apply techniques learned to a variety of body types and body issues related to injury, impact of lifestyle, and aging.


120-Hour Thai Massage Training Tuition &Registration Requirements:

- $500 non-refundable deposit required to reserve space for you to secure your spot

- Early Bird Rate:  Remaining final payment $2,700 due by October 30th (Total Tuition only $3,200)

- Regular Rate: Remaining final payment $3,400 due by January 1, 2014  (Total Tuition $3,400)

Email: for more details and to set up a skype interview with Rebecca.

Course Materials:

The training manual is available electronically or print version (save paper with electronic version!)

Full completion (120 hours of attendance, finished assignments, passed practicum) the course is rewarded with a 120- hour Thai Massage certification and the ability to begin practicing Thai Massage within your community. Open to all levels of students who wish to deepen their own yoga practice, share Thai Massage informally with family and friends, or develop a career.

Daily Schedule:

-9am start time each day until 7pm.

-Beginning the day with yoga practice and theory.

-After lunch learn body work and finish with late light dinner.

All meals are delicious vegetarian meals that Rebecca prepares herself from fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade breads, and tasty snacks and smoothies to refresh your energy throughout the day. *Alcohol is not permitted or included in the training.


"Rebecca Hagman is a wealth of knowledge. She is a walking encyclopedia for Thai Massage Therapy, Yoga, Health and Wellness. I feel grateful that I was able to do my training with her in Nicaragua. I wouldn't trade my training or experience for any other in the world! I've been able to use my training in conjunction with my Yoga Teaching benefiting my students the most delicious assists and setting myself apart from other teachers. I've had nothing but positive feedback from my students. Thank you Rebecca! Namaste." -Heidi Parker of Seeking Santosha Nicaragua

"I  had a couple Thai massages with Rebecca. She's very thorough, conscious of your needs and gives herself completely when working on your body. To have her to give you a massage is a very special & different experience." -Rene Pacheco, Canada

"I really wanna tell my experience doing the course with Rebecca. I met Rebecca at the right time, because I want to study yoga in costa rica, that's when she told me she could help me and I simply loved the whole course I did with her, she is excellent  professional  and she helped me a lot through the course of thay-massage, rebecca is also very punctual  and dedicated to her students." -Cleo Ribeiro

"What I liked most about Rebecca's training is that she offered lots of options beyond the standard Thai massage. I learned multiple ways to do the same stretch (such as using feet instead of arms or forearms instead of hands). I also learned many variations that are helpful for particular conditions." -Deborah Joya

"I am forever grateful to Rebecca for being my first teacher in showing me a bridge between 2 very profound healing arts: my yoga practice and a means of expressing it or translating it as a gift for others through the form of Thai Massage. Her generosity of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and skills provided me with such strong building blocks I will continue to develop and stack upon during my life’s journey. I felt very fortunate to have studied in a small intimate class with Rebecca in such a special country as Nicaragua. She provided us with ample “hands-on” practice and an abundance of variety and alternatives, alongside nourishing yoga classes. After studying under Rebecca intensively in Nicaragua nearly a year ago now in November 2013, I have since been slowly developing a small practice in my home here in Canada, mainly amongst friends and during my spare time. I have had a lot of positive feedback, and a particular niche I have especially enjoyed has been in pre-natal massage. I also took on the challenge of providing Thai Yoga Massage at a music and arts festival this past summer, which was very positive and fun and a wonderful opportunity for me to develop the business aspect of this art (pricing, timing, insurance, environment), as well as to strengthen my skills. (Attached are a few photos of my massage tent from the festival.) I also had a great opportunity at my yoga studio to enhance a yin yoga class with various Thai Massage compressions and adjustments, and I hope to do more of this in the future. I would like to continue to develop this healing touch therapy, and I am thankful to Rebecca for coming into my life at a very specific time and place to show me the dance of Thai Massage. I encourage anyone who is interested in healing or yoga to absolutely learn some of these techniques to share with others. You will not regret it." -Clare Metzger, Victoria, BC, Canada